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Going Green With B and R Flooring America

Need help in selecting environmentally friendly flooring? Think green.

No, we're not talking Astroturf here. In this case, "green" means the use of environmentally friendly materials that are either readily renewable or made from recycled products. Several green certification programs and directories are available to help remodelers, builders and homeowners make that selection.

A floor is a floor is a floor - or is it? What are some good reasons for opting for green floors?

Green mostly made up of recycled material and does not draw heavily from the environment on virgin material is usually a longer lasting option than your conventional flooring provides an opportunity to comply with the recycling regulations of the government is safer for the occupants of the home and the environment at large is mostly possible to recycle and does not contribute to landfills leaves you feeling a sense of pride in contributing to the environment.

Visit with us at B and R Flooring America and we will help you understand why and how you too can be GREEN when planning for new flooring.

Going Green
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